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Section 1 - About You
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Section 2 - Navigating the Web Site
  1. We would like to know how easy you found being able to navigate your way around the web pages of this web site?

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Section 3 - The accessibility Toolbar

Each of these questions are about the different features that are on the toolbar.

  1. Choose a different fontWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use a different font.

  2. Choose different letter spacingWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different letter spacing.

  3. Choose different line heightsWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different line heights.

  4. Choose different font sizesWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different font sizes.

  5. Highlight page linksWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to highlight links within the web page.

  6. Choose different colour schemesWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose different colour schemes for the web pages.

  7. Turn images on or offWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to turn images off or on.

  8. Use the screen rulerWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to use the screen ruler.

  9. Use the screen maskWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to use the screen mask.

  10. Understand the ToolbarDid you find the features on the toolbar easy to understand?

  11. Additional features

Section 4 - Any other comments

Thank you for your time to answer the questions on this questionnaire.

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