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opportunity knocks with a tailor made mobile app.png

A quote from H. Jackson Brown Jr. "Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity."

These days most people have a mobile device within reach which is why ignoring the smartphone market is a missed opportunity for any business or organisation.

How many of you are reading this on your smartphone?

Don’t dismiss it thinking it can’t do anything for you? It might just be the solution you have been looking for.

Do you think a tailor-made mobile App is only for larger organisations and not within your budget?

You'd be wrong as they are more versatile and more affordable than you might think.

If you provide vital services how beneficial would it be if people could access your information offline, receive important notifications and find the support they needed instantly? 

If you have a sales team on the road how many more sales would you make if orders could be taken quickly, be sent instantly back to the office, and they could easily access any information that was needed?

If you run a restaurant imagine how many more customers you could attract if people instantly received updates about your menu specials or promotions, could book a table, order and pay for their meal prior to coming in and access loyalty programs?

If you have a team of tradesmen at different locations how much more efficient would it be if they could sign in and sign out when a job is started and completed and you can keep track of who is doing what and where? 

If you run a sporting venue or a nightclub how popular would you be if people instantly received details about upcoming fixtures or events, could easily purchase tickets and received notifications should any cancellations occur?

Mobile Apps work with the latest cloud services, adapt to run on the latest technology, and will integrate with your in-house applications and your website.

If you want to stay ahead of your competition?

You've come to the right place

Tailor-made mobile Apps are built around your exact requirements and will become one of your greatest assets.


You will be able to connect with your customers, clients, service users, and your employees easily, quickly and instantly because there are not many people these days who don’t have a mobile device within reach.


You will be able to have the app do whatever you need it to do. It will be flexible to accommodate any changes whenever you need them, will have all the latest features and functionality and will adapt to run on the latest devices and across multiple platforms.

Competitive edge

You will be able to take advantage of location-based services to provide customers with relevant recommendations and promotions. When someone is in the vicinity of your organisation notifications are instantly sent out with tempting offers or discounts to entice them to come in.

Save time

You will be able to set up any notifications to be sent out on the app in advance. You can add what you want it to say, add an image, link your website, links to your social media pages then set up a date when you want it to be sent and it will automatically go out.

Tailor-made marketing

You will be able to create marketing campaigns perfectly tailored around your customers or service users by accessing data from the app. You will get to see who’s using your services, how often they use them, what sections they’re looking at most, what time of day they use them, where they are and so much more.

Take control

You will have full control over your marketing as there is no third party controlling what you do. Do it how you want, when you want, how often you want and you’re guaranteed to reach people instantly.

Free marketing

You don’t need to worry about having a large marketing budget because you’ll have a continuous direct connection with your target audience. People will be using their mobile device to access your app so when they receive news about your new service or latest offers they will probably share this with their friends and post about it on social media; resulting in free marketing for you.

Increase productivity

Your employees will be able to instantly access information at the touch of a finger. Whether they are in the office, on the road or working from home everyone will be able to access whatever they need to perform their tasks easily and quickly. 

Enhance communications

You will be able to communicate securely from anywhere, without relying on phone calls or emails. Plus Your employees will feel more connected within your business and dreaded communication breakdowns can be avoided because everyone will be using the same system.

Reduce problems

Your employees would be able to access real-time visibility into the status of tasks and processes to easily track progress and identify any bottlenecks or issues. They could quickly reach another team member or department and would have instant access to relevant support documents or operation manuals.

Better support for employees

You will be able to provide better support for your employees. As you will be able to speak with them wherever they are to see how they are doing and if they are experiencing any problems. You will be able to give instant feedback and provide access to virtual meetings, HR support, or training resources.

Save money

If life throws a curve ball like the recent pandemic it will be easier for your employees to work from home. Everyone will be able to easily communicate back with you and to each other without the need for complex technical systems to be in place.

You can now access a top of the range tailor-made mobile app with a subscription service.