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digital accessibility the Key to open doors.png

Donald L. Hicks quote "When you open a door for others, you sometimes open doors for yourself."

From CEO’s to employees, clients, customers and the public in general; everyone should be able to access the same information, services and resources.

Sadly businesses and organisations unknowingly exclude millions of people every single day from using their website, mobile app or their in-house applications because they lack the necessary digital tools.

What comes to mind when you come across the term digital accessibility?

You may think it is only helpful for disabled people or people with certain impairments but it can actually benefit everyone.

Can someone with Dyslexia easily read your lunch time menu or your monthly newsletter? 

When someone is in a noisy environment or speaks little English, do videos on your website have subtitles or captions so they can follow what is happening?

Would a person who has misplaced their glasses or looking at your website in bright sunlight be able to see your text on your page easily?

Could someone with slow or limited internet connection replace images on your website with text alternatives helping speed up connection so they can order a pizza from you?

Would a screen reader be able to read text, images, identify icons etc so a visually impaired person could understand content, easily navigate and use features on your website?

Would a disabled person be able to navigate your website to find your latest job vacancies? And if it involves using your in-house software, would they be able to use it? 

It is not always obvious how many people would benefit from digital accessibility.

How many people are you missing out on who could have signed up for your services or could have been a new customer or client?

Just think! You could have missed out on a talented employee with the exact skills you were looking for.

Why not take a few minutes to watch this video? You will  be surprised just how many people benefit from digital accessibility.


The Web Accessibility Perspectives video from W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) may have been made several years ago but it will definitely make you think!

All Digital accessibility you get here is always up to date to meet the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) set by the WAI.

Digital accessibility doesn't just make a difference for your customers, clients, service users or your employees, it also provides many amazing benefits for you, in more ways than you might think.

You’d be surprised what it does behind the scenes without you even knowing.

Increase turnover

It is estimated that there are 16 million disabled people in the UK, almost a quarter of the total UK population. When your services are accessible for more people you could increase your profits by twenty five percent.

Add on top of that the percentage of people with a temporary or situational disability like someone with a broken arm or a person wanting to watch your latest promotional video in a loud environment.

It is inevitable that providing digital accessibility will result in increased sales, donations and more people signing up for your services.

Enhance brand reputation

First impressions count and often your website or mobile app is the first experience people have with your brand.

Digital accessibility enables you to provide a first class service for everyone, with no exclusions. It will show your audience that you care and are committed to operating in a way that is inclusive, celebrates diversity, provides equity and promotes equality.

People tend to like good strong ethical values so they are more likely to buy from you, do business with you, partner with you or sign up for your services.

Benefit from free marketing

When you provide digital accessibility people will want to recommend you and post about your amazing services on social media. 

Before you know it everyone is talking about you and wanting to use your services. You could even attract media attention without having to lift a finger!

Word-of-mouth marketing is often an underestimated but highly effective way to Increase sales or donations, attract more customers, and enhance your reputation without having to spend a penny from your marketing budget.

Instantly boost your SEO

Digital accessibility helps you provide the best user experience, attracting more traffic to your site. This plays a role in Google's and other search engines ranking process.

Including subtitles, captions or transcripts with your videos tend to generate back links and will help you rank higher. 

Title tags, page titles and sub-headings used to accommodate screen readers and other assistive technologies provide relevant SEO keywords. Providing alternative text used to describe an image on a page helps search engines index images on your site. Both of these are an influential factor in the ranking process.

Enhance recruitment

Digital accessibility ensures the job vacancy page on your website is accessible to more people, helping you reach a much wider audience and a more diverse talent pool of people.

Potential employees would be able to easily navigate your site and learn more about what you do and what skills you are looking for. 

Applicants would feel welcome because they would be able to easily access information and would have the tools to assist them completing any online forms.

You would play a crucial part helping disabled people get back into work.

Happier employees

Providing digital accessibility doesn't only remove barriers for a disabled employee but will benefit everyone.

It ensures everyone can easily access the tools they need to succeed and be the best they can be, whether they are working in the office, at home or on the road.

When integrated into in-house applications it helps prevent discrimination, creates an inclusive workplace and provides equal opportunities for everyone.

You will create a happier workforce and a better workplace for everyone, resulting in increased productivity and staff moral.

Stand out from your competition; for all the right reasons.

Digital accessibility is helping to shape the future into a more welcoming and inclusive digital world; for everyone.

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