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Section 1 - About You
  1. Please select your gender

  2. Please select your age group

  3. Do you have any impairments yourself?

Section 2 - Navigating the Web Site
  1. We would like to know how easy you found being able to navigate your way around the web pages of this web site?

  2. Were there any particular web pages you found difficult to access?

Section 3 - The accessibility Toolbar

Each of these questions are about the different features that are on the toolbar.

  1. Choose a different fontWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use a different font.

  2. Choose different letter spacingWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different letter spacing.

  3. Choose different line heightsWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different line heights.

  4. Choose different font sizesWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different font sizes.

  5. Highlight page linksWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to highlight links within the web page.

  6. Choose different colour schemesWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose different colour schemes for the web pages.

  7. Turn images on or offWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to turn images off or on.

  8. Use the screen rulerWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to use the screen ruler.

  9. Use the screen maskWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to use the screen mask.

  10. Understand the ToolbarDid you find the features on the toolbar easy to understand?

  11. Additional features

Section 4 - Any other comments

Thank you for your time to answer the questions on this questionnaire.

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A quote from Richard Branson saying "If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you."

First impressions are important which is why your website shouldn’t be taken lightly,  it's one of the first places people go to find out more about you and access your services.

Your website is one of the most effective sales and marketing resources you have. It never sleeps and is constantly on display for the world to see.

How much thought do you give to your website?

In a world where technology is constantly evolving can your website keep up with the latest trends and user demands?

How easily or quickly can visitors access and interact with your site? Are they able to do this on any device; desktop, tablet or mobile phone?

What about those with a disability or impairment, those with different language requirements or who may live in rural area’s with slow internet speeds?

How easily or quickly can you modify and adapt to any changes you need? Can you do this without any upheaval or downtime for your site?

Is it easy to update or edit? Can you do this on any device? And how long does it take to access technical support when you need it?

Do you ever worry about the future and what the digital landscape will look like this time next year? 

Will your website be able to cope?

How would you feel if you never had to worry about any of this ever again?

Are you ready to outshine your competition?

Well you've come to the right place

Whether it is a template website or built from scratch, a tailor-made website will give you everything you'll ever need.

Greater flexibility

You will be able to add additional features whenever you need them without any upheaval or downtime for your site. From E-commerce to restaurant reservations, online bookings and events calendars, customizable blogs or YouTube vlogs, there are no restrictions.

Save valuable time

You will be able to update and edit your website quickly, easily and accurately from a mobile, desktop or whatever device you use. You will have easy access to an IT support team member, plus the system is automatically updated if additional features are added.

Nothing ever gets damaged or lost

You will sleep better at night knowing if someone accidentally adds information in the wrong area or deletes something vital you can restore your site from a previous version, easily and quickly. Plus you can set up restricted access for different departments or team members.

Be found easily

SEO is automatically built in from the start so your web pages will be more-optimized and only have features you need. It will load and run faster boosting your SEO so you're more likely to be found on page 1 of Google and other search engines.

Build a stronger reputation

Being able to provide digital accessibility will show you operate in a way that is inclusive, celebrates diversity, provides equity and promotes equality. It will help you to stand out from your competition and attract even more visitors to your website.

Boost your marketing strategy

You will be able to access instant data showing how many people visit your site, what pages they are looking at, how often, where they are from and so much more. This can be used to personalize content and recommendations, providing a more tailored experience for each visitor.

Establish a trustworthy reputation

Your website will have a SSL certificate authenticating your website's identity. Visitors will feel safe as any confidential information they add is private, secure and as safe as possible plus an encrypted connection provides safe online transactions and helps you Maintain PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance.

Provide outstanding customer service

You will be able to easily provide FAQs and up to date product or service information via video, blog or e-newsletter, have contact forms, chat support, chat bots and other communication tools. These will be digitally accessible ensuring users can easily and quickly send inquiries, feedback, or concerns.

Avoid visitors leaving your site

You will be able to provide a user friendly site that is easy to navigate. This will help people find what they are looking for quickly and easily plus if they’re browsing another page they can get back to a page they want without getting lost. When people find it difficult to find what they are looking for they tend to go elsewhere.

Increase sales or donations

You will be able to provide an engaging and user friendly website which will create a lasting positive impression. You will attract more visitors and existing ones will want to keep coming back again and again. This will result in more sales, more donations and more people signing up for your services.

Create a buzz

Your website will have it all so people will want to tell others about your amazing services and post about it on social media, resulting in more people wanting to use your services. Before you know it everyone is talking about you; you could even attract media attention without having to lift a finger!

Making life easier for you

You will only have to deal with one company as hosting, domains, tailored software training, technical support and IT consultancy are all under one roof.

Did you know you can now access a top of the range tailor-made website with a subscription service?