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Section 2 - Navigating the Web Site
  1. We would like to know how easy you found being able to navigate your way around the web pages of this web site?

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Each of these questions are about the different features that are on the toolbar.

  1. Choose a different fontWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use a different font.

  2. Choose different letter spacingWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different letter spacing.

  3. Choose different line heightsWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different line heights.

  4. Choose different font sizesWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose and use different font sizes.

  5. Highlight page linksWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to highlight links within the web page.

  6. Choose different colour schemesWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to choose different colour schemes for the web pages.

  7. Turn images on or offWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to turn images off or on.

  8. Use the screen rulerWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to use the screen ruler.

  9. Use the screen maskWe would like to know how helpful you found being able to use the screen mask.

  10. Understand the ToolbarDid you find the features on the toolbar easy to understand?

  11. Additional features

Section 4 - Any other comments

Thank you for your time to answer the questions on this questionnaire.

Image of a happy lady giving the thumbs up to her new custom application

Sean Patrick Flanery quote saying "Do something today that your future self will thank you for".

Whether you are looking for a digital solution to improve the running of your business, cope with an unexpected challenge or to help you expand; your needs and goals will be distinct and specific to you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were guaranteed these could be met, maybe even exceeded.

Tailor made can do this as it will provide a way for you to so exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, how you need to do it, and will run on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, in the cloud, or any future platform

Tailor-made software is always the perfect fit.

A cucumber with a measuring tape wrapped around it.

Because it is specifically built around you and your needs; whatever size or shape you take.

Are you frustrated because you’re spending too much time doing one particular task and want to be able to focus on other areas of your business?

Do you long for an easier way to organise how things are run and want to create a better structure but you just don’t have the time?

Could you do with expanding your current services to boost revenue, but at present can’t afford to employ additional staff?

Are your employees under pressure because they are limited in how they can do things. How many mistakes are being made and how happy is your workforce?

Do you have to allocate time each month to monitor how each area of your business is running, where you're making the most money from and what your greatest expenses are?

There are no limits with tailor-made software. Whether you want to run it on a desktop, laptop, mobile device, in the cloud, or any future platform; it can pretty much do anything you want it to do.

It’s been used with robots and AI to make the perfect cup of coffee but that's probably not what you're looking for, at least not at the moment.

The tailor-made software you get here may not be able to make you lunch but it will provide you with all your software needs now and long into the future. 

You might be surprised at just how many benefits it can provide. It will be life changing.

Get it all

Your in-house application will be designed and developed to look and run exactly as you need it to, will run efficiently because it is built with only the features you need, is fully adaptable to evolve with you and the latest technology and will work on any future platform, whatever that may be.

Keep up to date

Your in-house application will have regular updates without any disruption to your business or organisation. It will always run using the latest version ensuring improved performance, enhanced security and will fix any bugs.

Stay one step ahead

You will be able to view up to date information at anytime you want and save valuable data about day to day operations and how your application is being used by your employees. This enables you to make better decisions and react quickly to situations that could be detrimental.

Take control

You have full control over how your in-house application is developed and 
stay in the driving seat should changes be required to respond to any latest trends, changing user needs, new technology or competitive pressure.

Never loose anything again

Say goodbye to paperwork as everything can now be easily found in one place at a touch of a button. Nothing ever gets lost because all data is backed up in a secure location ensuring information is protected at all times.

Reduce pressure

You will be able to add a website or mobile app that will integrate seamlessly with your in-house application and any updates to one will automatically be sent to the other. Keeping everything under one roof will make life easier for you.

Make your budget go further

With a subscription service you can get your in-house applications at an affordable price where hosting, IT support and an array of other services are included at no extra cost. If you prefer to pay outright you are able to start with the core essentials and get additional features and functions later on.

Reduce Problems

Everyone from your employees up will know exactly how your application works as it can be built around how tasks have previously been carried out. As familiarity prevents confusion less errors are made and it will help everyone transition to using your new software.

Built with employees in mind

Your in-house application will be easy to use and comes with digital accessibility and language translation removing any barriers so everyone is able to use it. Training, support documents and a direct link to IT support ensures no one ever gets stuck.

Show people you care

All your systems will include digital accessibility and language translations including those linking to your website or mobile app. This shows you put people first and you will be able to make more of your customers, clients and service users feel welcome.

Provide outstanding customer service

Your internal operations will run exactly as you want them helping you deliver your services more efficiently and effectively. You will be able to provide a first class user experience for everyone and create a reputation as someone your customers, clients and service users can rely on.

Automatically boost marketing

Your customers, clients, service users, your employees and even your competition will be talking about you , your outstanding services and how your business or organisation runs. Your marketing will take on a life of it’s own without costing you a penny.

Your tailor-made application will keep you going forward and you’ll never look back